Lives Lost Since January 1 2017

Lives Lost to Traffic Related Crashes Since January 1, 2017
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Big Island “100 Days of Summer” Campaign

Big Island Trauma Centers Work Together Share Important Messages with their “100 Days of Summer” Traffic Safety Campaign.

Kona Community Hospital, North Hawaii Community Hospital, and Hilo Medical Center wants you put away your distractions so you can enjoy your Ohana this summer.

The “100 Days of Summer,” campaign aligns with what is notoriously the most dangerous time of the year, from Memorial Day until Labor Day, according to the National Safety Council.

The campaign incorporates locally crafted multi-generational messages about the current distracted driving law, ongoing enforcement, the cost and potential burden of a distracted driving violation, and the importance of pledging to exhibit positive behavior for our friends and family.

The take away messages from the “100 Days of Summer” campaign:
• Finish electronic device conversations before you start your engine.
• Make a habit of putting your phone out reach and out of view before driving.
• Avoid a bad makeup mistake or a dribble spot on you shirt, by not eating and grooming while driving.

Print ads:
100 deadliest days for teen drivers
Live to enjoy your summer
Let’s break the tradition
Radio ads :
A father’s pledge
Teens & children on texting while driving

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Tie one on for safety. Creatively.

Tis the season to think of family, friends, and tying one on for safety.  Madd Hawaii has teamed up with talented students from Searider Productions in Waianae to remind us to grab a red ribbon and tie it on your car, antenna or no antenna.

Have a safe and happy holiday season!

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Police ramp up pedestrian-related enforcement prior to pedestrian safety month.

August is right around the corner. For many of us that signals, back to school. For traffic safety professionals, August is the beginning of Pedestrian Safety Month.

KHON2 covers how enforcement is not only individuals for jaywalking and disobeying traffic signals, but also addressing drivers for not yielding to pedestrians at a crosswalk.

Honolulu police issue 500+ pedestrian-related citations in nine days

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Lets Put Our Best Foot Forward for Pedestrian Safety Month

The start of 2016 has unfortunately proved itself to be consistent with previous years in the high volume of pedestrian fatalities.  With a swath of prevention efforts from public education campaigns, public service announcements, and community stakeholder meetings, enforcement of speed and pedestrian-related laws, there is no shortage of efforts to counter pedestrian related collisions.  This warrants taking advantage of new learning opportunities that can help us get us up to speed on current countermeasures aimed at making an impact.
Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center has posted all 12 of a 12-part series on Countermeasure Strategies for Pedestrian Safety  In addition, FHWA has encouraged Strategic Highway Safety professionals to review and adapt where applicable the Handbook for Designing Roadways for the Aging Population into the statewide plan.

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Department of Transportation Spices Up the Alternative to Alcoholic Beverages

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 4.38.09 PM

Click here to download booklet:

This recipe book is composed of non-alcoholic or mock cocktail (aka “mocktail”) recipes specially created by some of Hawaii’s top mixologists. We hope that you enjoy these non-alcoholic alternatives during your next celebration with family and friends.

We would like to thank the members of the Hawaii Chapter of the U.S. Bartenders’ Guild for donating their time and talent in creating these original mocktail recipes. Thank you, also, to DTRIC Insurance for its partnership and shared efforts on this initiative.

The Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Impaired Driving Awareness campaign is funded through a grant from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). NHTSA and the Hawaii Department of Transportation are committed to preventing traffic crashes and fatalities caused by impaired driving.

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Debut of Child Passenger Safety PSA

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August is Pedestrian Safety Month

Two exciting things in traffic safety are happening this month. First, August is Pedestrian Safety Month, so as we are out doing our daily activities, errands, and recreation, let us remember to drive and walk distraction free and with attention to one another on the roadways. The other good news is KHON2 has teamed up with the Department of Transportation to run a 6 part “Arrive Alive” series featuring 5 traffic safety topics. There are two segments this month specifically aimed at Pedestrian Safety. Since each and every one of us is a pedestrian at some point in time, its important for us to watch, learn and share.

KHON2 Living 808 “Arrive Alive” Series

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Governor Ige’s Message

Gov Ige Official Photo HI ResAloha!

Making Hawai`i’s roadways safer to ensure that all roadway users arrive at their destinations will be one of my administration’s top priorities. As we look at many of the motor vehicle, pedestrian, motorcycle and bicycle fatalities, it is with sadness that we realize that almost all of them were senseless and could have been prevented.

Far too often, we all have heard the stories of drivers who were intoxicated, speeding or distracted, causing crashes that resulted in a death and/or serious injuries. We’ve seen the stories of children whose lives were cut short way too soon because their parents or caregivers failed to protect them by properly using a child safety seat or failing to install the seats correctly. There are too many stories of people who were killed because they chose not to wear a seat belt and were ejected from their vehicle. And there are many who were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. They did not do anything wrong themselves, but were the victims of other people’s mistakes.

Recognizing the need to combat these preventable tragedies, the Hawaii` Department of Transportation has been leading a collaborative statewide effort to update and implement a comprehensive, statewide Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP). Over 100 dedicated government and community stakeholders from traffic safety, public safety, law enforcement, judiciary, highway design and data management worked together to ensure that prioritized strategies in the five-year plan address key issues and focus efforts and resources in eight emphasis areas: (1) Impaired driving; (2) Speeding; (3) Occupant protection; (4) Pedestrian and bicycle safety; (5) Motorcycle and moped safety; (6) Lane departure and intersection safety; (7) Data and safety management systems; and (8) First responder capabilities. Each strategy is part of a multi-faceted solution envisioned by the stakeholders to improve traffic safety in Hawai`i and to reduce the number of traffic-related fatalities and injuries.

The SHSP serves as the guiding force for Hawai`i traffic safety partners to effect change on and off our roadways. Whether you suffer the loss of a loved one, have to care for someone injured in a motor vehicle crash, pay for increasing medical or motor vehicle insurance coverage, or have to sit in traffic due to a crash investigation, we are all affected in some way.

But there is hope. During calendar year 2014, there were 95 motor vehicle fatalities, the lowest in over 20 years. This reduction shows that we can and will make a difference by working together. Although the decrease in fatalities is something to be proud of, even one life lost is one too many. We still have a long way to go to reach our ultimate goal of zero traffic deaths.

As a member of our Hawai`i community and a roadway user, I hope that you will do your part. Educate yourself on the SHSP and traffic safety priorities in our state. Obey all traffic laws. Support local legislation to strengthen our traffic safety laws. Share this information with your friends and family. Most importantly, be a responsible roadway user.

Together we can make a difference.



GOV David Ige Signature

David Y. Ige


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Reminder: Seat Belts are Required for Everyone in Every Seat

As we approach summer time remember its time to check the graduation schedule, and remember to make sure everyone in your vehicle is wearing a seat belt.  Hawaii’s Law changed in 2013 requiring the driver and every passenger, whether seated in the front or the back seats, to wear their seat belt.  Violations vary, but drivers should expect to pay up to a fine up to $112 for those who are not wearing their seat belt.

Hawaii ranks one of the best states for seat belt use, however, we still have room for improvement.  According to NHTSA, if everyone in every seating position wore their seat belt at all times, we could save an additional 3 lives a year.

Keep yourself from a ticket, and make a life saving decision by making sure EVERYONE in your car is wearing their seat belt.

If you would like to download your very own Click It or Ticket Poster, click here: 2013 seatbelt poster.

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