Big Island “100 Days of Summer” Campaign

Big Island Trauma Centers Work Together Share Important Messages with their “100 Days of Summer” Traffic Safety Campaign.

Kona Community Hospital, North Hawaii Community Hospital, and Hilo Medical Center wants you put away your distractions so you can enjoy your Ohana this summer.

The “100 Days of Summer,” campaign aligns with what is notoriously the most dangerous time of the year, from Memorial Day until Labor Day, according to the National Safety Council.

The campaign incorporates locally crafted multi-generational messages about the current distracted driving law, ongoing enforcement, the cost and potential burden of a distracted driving violation, and the importance of pledging to exhibit positive behavior for our friends and family.

The take away messages from the “100 Days of Summer” campaign:
• Finish electronic device conversations before you start your engine.
• Make a habit of putting your phone out reach and out of view before driving.
• Avoid a bad makeup mistake or a dribble spot on you shirt, by not eating and grooming while driving.

Print ads:
100 deadliest days for teen drivers
Live to enjoy your summer
Let’s break the tradition
Radio ads :
A father’s pledge
Teens & children on texting while driving

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